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Abdullah Joseph

Abdullah Joseph is a software engineer with a special interest in security and over a decade of experience. He worked as the mobile security team lead of Adjust, providing a secure mobile analytics service to clients around the globe, while overseeing the security of the company's open-source libraries integrated in over 25,000 mobile apps, totalling over 400+ billion data points and 25 petabytes of traffic per month.

He is also the holder of GREM, GMOB, GPEN and GXPN security certifications and a speaker at OWASP, CodeMotion, Hack-in-the-box, R2Con and Android Security Symposium conferences.

He currently works as a senior software engineer for an internet technologies nonprofit implementing secure and uncensored protocols for dissidents and journalists to communicate with the free internet.

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Nothing To Hide: Privacy-Preserving Cryptographic Authentication In Practice
Abdullah Joseph

Governments, email vendors, social media websites, and even your favorite food recipes forum require account registrations where you pass your secret, often the same, password over insecure channels, riddled with sniffing agents while subjecting your online identity to theft, data breaches, and a whole bag of privacy concerns.

This doesn't need to be the case. With the massive explosion of fast, secure, and privacy-preserving cryptographic protocols, your credentials need never leave your device and websites don't need to store your passwords for authentication to complete.

In this talk, I'll introduce zero-knowledge password protocols; a well-established field of cryptography that puts privacy first, as well as demo a full implementation of such a protocol live.

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