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Charlatans in InfoSec - from Kim to Jonathan
11-19, 11:40–12:40 (Europe/Vienna), Urania Dachsaal

A brief introduction to the world of InfoSec charlatans - from KimDotCom to JonathanData. Why it's important to expose them - and how you can do it. This talk not only covers historical charlatans, but also teaches common techniques and behaviors of fraudsters. It also explains why it is important to expose such fraudsters.

InfoSec as a community and as a profession has attracted a lot of charlatans. In this talk you will get an overview of InfoSec charlatans. Starting from famous people like Kim (DotCom) to less known but still funny characters like Jonathan Scott (aka jonathandata1) - you will meet them all. You'll also learn how to spot charlatans and why this is important - for the community and for people outside the community.
You'll get a deep dive into the mindset of scammers - including common techniques they use and how to fend them off. All techniques presented will be demonstrated with examples. After this presentation, you will have all the tools you need to protect the community (and yourself) from scammers/fraudsters/charlatans.

Sebastian is well known in the german-speaking Infosec-Community. Besides medial coverage, Sebastian is the founder of Sec-Research GmbH and is author of a book about hardware hacking.