Olivia Dinica

Olivia Dinica holds a PhD in Computational Chemistry from the University of Texas at Austin, where she worked on charge transfer in organic semiconductors. Upon graduation she joined Simulmedia Inc. in New York City where she worked as a Senior Data Scientist in the area of predictive modelling for advertising. She recently joined AIT and currently works on machine learning projects in cyber security and autonomous driving.


AI Application for Detection of Android Malware APKs and Fake e-Commerce Websites
Aaron, Olivia Dinica, Roman Graf
  • MAL2 project employs AI for malware and fake websites detection and comprises two parts:
    1. Neural Network-Based Technique for Android Smartphone Applications Classification
    2. Automating Fake e-Commerce Website Detection through Machine Learning
    In our talk we will speak about AI applications for different domains of Cyber Security and demonstrate advantages of AI approach compared to previous solutions.
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